The best return on investment in a sustainable energy supply will only be gained if the installation is made by professionals; it takes experts to fit solar panels.
The installation system needs to be effectively and symmetrically anchored, and fitted without risk of leaking or moisture.
The cabling must be worked out of sight and the transformers properly connected in the meter box (with adaptation of the electricity network if necessary). In the case of flat roofs, it is essential that sufficient ballast is used.

Our special software for solar panels will always calculate the correct ballast for the system, wherever it is located.

Solar Power Projects has a team of specialists for construction of a PV system. All fitters have vast experience in the installation of both small and large systems.
Besides this experience and expertise, efficiency is also high on our list of priorities. All installations are delivered to the final customer very quickly and cost-effectively, via a well-designed logistics process of delivery and subsequent fitting work.