Solar Power Projects

Solar Power Projects is the specialist in the field of solar power, based on many years of experience in the field of development, engineering and installation of solar panels. From numerous small installations to large-scale systems; we create your own tailored power plant. Solar Power Projects wants to offer every customer the optimum combination of solar panels, which precisely meets all the requirements. We always adhere to a number of key values however:



It is due to extensive expertise in the dimensioning and engineering of the broadest possible range of systems, that we can generate optimum results. All components must be correctly geared to the location variables (geometry, wind forces, etc.), and must be calculated in order to guarantee the reliability and surety of your system. Our engineers are always up-to-date with the latest solar developments, and have all the tools and software required to make the correct calculations (i.e. acceptable to banks).


Quality of the materials is essential for a well-functioning installation, which is why we only use (inter)nationally and independently certified products, thus guaranteeing the very best quality. All components are also covered by the longest possible warranty conditions of reliable manufacturers, and some even by a guarantee fund.


Transparent communication is essential if the investment in a solar power plant is to become viable: we think along with customers and advise them in feasibility studies. Good results may always be expected, thanks to our know-how of subsidies, finance and fiscal issues. We provide specific quotations in order to give effective insight into the price construction of the system, and conditions are clearly agreed.


A standard system or solution is by no means always the best or the cheapest solution. Some projects require a creative approach in order to render your project financially optimum. That creativity may lie in different dimensioning of the system or the use of alternative materials, but also by making full use of fiscal and financial possibilities.


Your best return on investment in a sustainable energy supply will only be gained if the installation is made by professionals. Solar Power Projects has its own experienced and well-trained team of technicians. The systems are mainly installed by our own personnel, while the connections are the responsibility of (local) approved fitters. If required, you can of course make your own arrangements for installation, with Solar Power Projects taking over supervision of the project.

The sum of all these core values gives you, our customer, the best possible returns in the broadest sense of the word. And so we offer you a total return which goes much further than cost-benefit analysis alone.